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EMF Protection

EMF Safety Superstore


The EMF supply store that I have used for almost 20 years!  



Radiation protection for cell phones, tablets and laptops



Radiation protection for cell phones, tablets and laptops

Smart Meter Guard


My smart meter cover of choice!  Uses the proven faraday cage technology to block EMF.  You can also find Router guards and gas and water meter guards here as well.  Top quality EMF products.

RA Optics


Fashionable Glasses to Protect Melatonin, Sleep Quality, and Health from Artificial (blue) Lighting!

These are high quality glasses and the glasses I currently own.    I use the "red" tinted glasses to remove both blue AND green light. Use my  coupon code RAEMF for a 10% DISCOUNT! 

Iris Software


Blue Light Filter and Eye protection software for your computer.  

Heavenly Heat Saunas



This is the sauna that I recommend and currently own!  

This is a wonderful company who makes far infrared saunas that are low in magnetic AND electric fields, have no glues, stains, particle board, plastics or LED lights!  (Low EMF's currently only applies to the Infrared saunas, not the traditional and Finnish saunas)

Use  coupon code LEESAG or mention Lee Sagula when you visit for a discount on the Heavenly Heat products.

JRS Eco Router



Did you know that an ordinary wifi router broadcasts beacon signals 24 hours a day, 10 times a second, clearly measurable? The JRS® Eco-wifi routers, built by Asus®, come with the unique JRS Eco-wifi firmware: an operating system that reduces router radiation.

The first generation of JRS Eco-wifi routers (01A model) already significantly reduced the electrosmog by reducing the pulse frequency by 90%. The JRS Eco 100 technology takes it one step further. These models automatically switch to a zero emission Full Eco stand-by mode when no wifi devices are connected.