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Consulting Testing Remediation

Consulting Testing RemediationConsulting Testing RemediationConsulting Testing Remediation

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Lee Sagula, President - Building Biologist, BBEC, since 2001!


 This certification includes indoor air quality and testing, water quality, EMF protection and testing and healthy building practices.

Electromagnetic Radiation SpecialisT, EMRS


  Lee is one of only approximately 25 Electromagnetic Radiation Specialists in the country and the only EMRS in Pennsylvania.  ​  This certification provides advanced training  exclusively in Electromagnetic Radiation.



BS in Education

Environmental Resources Management, Inc., (ERM)

11 years -Sales & IT  with numerous awards for outstanding achievement



Improve your energy and health

 Cancer, anxiety, depression, heart palpitations, tinnitus, insomnia, Lyme disease, and many other health and neurological problems are on the rise.   It is more important than ever to reduce your exposure to EMF's,  a big spoke in the wheel on your journey to better health!  


Create Calm Environments

Low EMF environments, free from electric and magnetic fields, dirty electricity and radio frequency radiation just feel "calmer" and so will you! There are so many simple and inexpensive changes that can be suggested or implemented during an EMF assessment!  Having your home or office  checked for EMF's may be the best investment you make toward increased well being in 2019 !  Do it for yourself, your, family and your pets!


Sleep like a baby!

EMF's, especially high body voltage and microwave or radio frequency radiation from wireless devices such as routers, cordless phones, smart meters, and more can be a main factor in insomnia and other sleep problems.  Learn how to create a sleep sanctuary free from EMF's.  Many people, including sleep specialists, are still unaware that EMF's play a role in sleep issues!

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Annmarie C., Glenmoore PA

 When I was experiencing significant health issues including weariness and heart palpitations, we had Lee come in and conduct an assessment of my home. Lee did a thorough survey and explained all of the readings simply. After following through on her recommendations, my heart palpitations stopped and my energy increased. Lee is providing an invaluable service, empowering others to take control of their own health through simple changes in their environment. 

Deborah M., Malvern, PA

 I was not aware or even interested in the subject of EMF'S. After hearing Lee present an informative and impressive talk on this subject I signed up to have my house assessed. I have had  chronic health issues over the last ten years one being fatigue as I don't sleep through the night. After Lee's thorough and individualized evaluation I followed  her detailed recommendations.  As a result of turning off the WIFI on my router and shutting off all electricity to my bedroom at night I am now sleeping through the night. I have much more energy to enjoy my life now. An added benefit is my very anxious 3 year old dog seems to have calmed down as well.   I am very appreciative of Lee's expertise and professional help. 

Amy L., Exton, PA

 Lee assessed our home in 2015 and I have been recommending her to friends and family ever since.  Lee’s knowledge and expertise are so very apparent, likewise her genuine care and concern for others.  She is obviously passionate about what she does and I can’t thank Lee enough for the information she shares on her website and facebook page to raise awareness of EMF issues.   I still continue to be amazed by the fact that simply following some of Lee’s recommendations very noticeably and quickly improved some health issues with myself and my youngest child.  Thank you, Lee!!                     

Mary F., Philadelphia, PA

 As I learned about EMF’s  I wanted to mitigate their presence in my home and work. I felt overwhelmed though with all of the information and decided to call a professional. Lee was referred to me by another EMF expert out of the area and I see why he was comfortable doing so. Lee helped me take all of the information down to a manageable level and gave very specific expert advice on what to address in my home and work. She was expedient (which I appreciated as she charges by the hour), and obviously comes from a place of wanting to help people feel better. She was super organized and professional and a pleasure to work with.  

I used to wake up through the night 3-4 times but I can say that after moving my bed and implementing some other nighttime advice she offered,  I now sleep through the night almost every night. I have a chronic health condition that is doing better than it has in years and I addressed two things, my diet and EMF’s. In my opinion it is both things addressed that have made such a positive difference in my life. For me it took a few months to really feel the changes so I would offer to hang in there and you will feel better!

Margaret C., Downingtown, PA

 I  had an EMF assessment done yesterday in my home. I found out how energetically noisy my bedroom and living areas are. With just a few easy suggestions from Lee, I slept way better last night. My anxious dog is even calmer this morning. If you're suffering from anxiety, insomnia, or immune issues, please consider your home's EMF impact on your health. Thanks Lee!" 

Wade G., Baltimore, MD

 My reason for contacting Lee Sagula was unusual. Electrical interference in a new addition to our house was making it difficult to use the T-coil setting in my hearing aids to amplify phone conversations. There was a loud and persistent buzzing sound.

It turned out to be due to electromagnetic fields generated within the house by faulty wiring, and Lee was instrumental in helping identify the problem by doing a thorough and efficient evaluation of electrical fields in and around our house.

She was flexible and accommodating in scheduling a trip down to Baltimore from her base in Pennsylvania, and was thoroughly professional, well informed, and fun to meet and learn from.

She sent back a summary of her measurements and what they indicated, as well as recommendations about how to remediate the problems, with specific recommendations and web links for more information. I was startled and delighted that she was able to get the report back to us in just a day or two, given its length and detail.

As a bonus, Lee was genuinely interested in the project and kept in touch after her evaluation, offering helpful assistance and input. A wiring mistake was ultimately identified as the problem, was fixed, and the electromagnetic interference was eliminated - to my delight and peace of mind. 

It’s unlikely that I will need this sort of highly specialized help again soon, but I am won over to Lee Sagula as the person I will recommend to local friends in need of advice about electrical interference and radiation concerns.

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